Laura van Daalen (1995) graduated with a BA in Fine Arts (HKU) in 2019 and a research MA in Artistic Research (UvA) in 2021.

The artist is working on the visual constructedness of nature, in the form of new -scapes. Nature is everywhere, however, it also seems distant. Decisions that are made for nature often seem practical. Nature should be able to take a beating, but at the same time remain safe. There is an urge to have control over the environment. Her works are constructed -scapes that embody the same amount of control, resulting in compositions that ultimately form new creative realities.

Artistic researcher Laura van Daalen continuously encounters nature and thinks about its placement, design, aesthetics and how humankind treats nature. Through different media such as painting, printmaking or sculptural installations, she questions nature and evokes this with her work.

On this site you can view a selection of Van Daalen’s work. Feel free to contact her about her practice, particular pieces, collaborations or other questions. For the latest updates, it’s best to visit her instagram @van.daalen

Shirt design, 2022.